Our Vision

The mission of La Royale Fintech Investments is to meet the great challenges of our time.

We accompany companies and their founders to help them innovate, transform, internationalize and grow.


Our Actuality

We invested in equity in Global Star Finance Ltd, a classic financial company that was established in 2017.

We supported it in the creation of an EMI: TPF.

Our Businesses


Obtaining approval as an e-money institution

Before issuing and managing electronic money, electronic money institutions must obtain a license issued by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority, after consultation with the Central Bank of the country concerned. We can help you obtain this approval.


Using our TPF payment platform

TPF is an Electronic Money Institution providing innovative and reliable financial services to its customers and help them to achieve their goals and aspirations. TPF is owned by Global star finance company licensed by the FCA of the United Kingdom.


Financing your Fintech startup

Those who create disruption today are the leaders of tomorrow. We invest in the entire Fintech ecosystem: financial services, payment services or investment services.


Our Teams

Our teams are on a human scale. We are investor-partners committed to the transformation of companies, working closely with their managers.


Our Responsibility

To build a sustainable future, we put performance at the service of people and the planet.

Inclusive and equitable, value creation only makes sense if it is consistent with our mission as a socially responsible investor.