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Obtaining approval as an e-money institution

Before issuing and managing e-money, electronic money institutions must obtain a license issued by the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority, after consulting the central bank of the country concerned.

We can help you obtain this approval.

In addition to issuing, managing, and making available e-money, e-money institutions may provide payment services and services related to e-money or payment services as defined by the applicable regulations.

To issue an electronic money institution license, the supervisory authority verifies the following elements:

  • Suitability of legal form for planned activity,
  • Sufficient initial capital and level of prudential equity in relation to capital requirements,
  • Business plan and technical and financial resources,
  • Description of distribution network,
  • Identity and status of direct and indirect capital providers, and any guarantors,
  • Head office located in the same country as the registered office,
  • A solid governance system, including a clear organizational structure with a well-defined, transparent, and coherent division of responsibilities,
  • Senior executives or persons designated as responsible for e-money activities in the case of hybrid institutions (institutions carrying out other commercial activities) who meet the requirements in terms of good repute, knowledge, experience and skills,
  • Effective risk detection, management and control procedures, and an appropriate internal control system, including sound administrative and accounting procedures and an appropriate system for combating money laundering and the financing of terrorism,
  • Protection of user funds,
  • Means implemented to ensure the security of means of payment and general organization of security, control of correct operation and anti-fraud measures.

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Using our TPF payment platform

TPF is an Electronic Money Institution providing innovative and reliable financial services to its customers and help them to achieve their goals and aspirations. TPF is owned by Global star finance company licensed by the FCA of the United Kingdom.

We offer personalized financial solutions to answer the specific needs of each customer, enabling them to take control of their finances. Our purpose is to bring greater flexibility, simplicity and security to the payment market.

Our institution relies on a very high-performance technology and robust digital platforms that provide a range of financial services, including fast and secure payments, remittances, foreign exchange, and a lot more. Platforms are accessible from anywhere, at any time, and the team of experts continuously explore new technologies and business models to provide the most advanced and innovative solutions.

TPF's model is based on transparency, accountability, and social responsibility. We want to become your trusted everyday Partner.

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Financing your Fintech startup

Those who create disruption today are the leaders of tomorrow. We invest in the entire Fintech ecosystem: financial services, payment services and investment services.

Do you need financing to create or develop your business?

Send your application to deck@lrfi.org

Your application should include a detailed description of your new or planned business, as well as a complete business plan. We'll get back to you as soon as possible, explaining why we've turned you down or contacting you if we're interested.

By investing in your business, we provide more than just financing. We bring you our in-depth knowledge of the sector and our diverse expertise in management, accounting, and technology.

Our strength lies in our world-renowned in-house developers, who enable us to secure and develop all digital platforms and payment methods. Nothing is impossible for us.