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Our Vision

The mission of La Royale Fintech Investments is to meet the great challenges of our time.

We accompany companies and their founders to help them innovate, transform, internationalize and grow.

From start-ups to SMEs and ETIs, we detect, finance, support and promote companies that are inventing and reinventing themselves, entrepreneurs who are innovating and talents who are emerging.

Our teams are on a human scale. We are investor-partners committed to the transformation of companies, in close proximity to their managers.

The group deploys its expertise across all growth sectors, including technology and financial services.

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Dina Rudaka


Dina Rudaka joins La Royale Fintech Investments as CEO to bring her necessary strategic vision to bear on tomorrow's challenges: accelerating product cycles, building customer loyalty, accelerating new technologies, changing regulations, implementing new growth strategies...

Dina places the finance function at the heart of the company.

Dina Rudaka is an accomplished CFO specializing in payment solutions. To cope with the growing complexity of her business, Dina has established herself as a versatile and innovative manager, while maintaining her role as a number’s cruncher.
In addition to her traditional financial missions, Dina stands out for her global vision, transversal and collaborative of the company.

«La Royale Fintech Investments invests in innovative solutions whose ambition is to make finance simpler and more accessible by offering better and cheaper services.”

Dina is skilled in acquiring financial licenses in various jurisdictions, establishing, and managing relationships with card associations and regulators, and managing investor relations for equity financing transactions.

Dina has a proven track record in leading a company from start-up to expansion as Chairman of the Board and CFO.

As a member of the board of directors of various companies, Dina has been involved in strategic decision-making for the company, adding value by providing insight through the development of revenue projection models.

Dina's experience in managing commercial negotiations and concluding key agreements with partners and suppliers has always been based on cost-benefit analysis and the company's strategic vision.

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Joan Beaufort


Joan Roger Beaufort, is a French entrepreneur and a project builder.

After graduating from high school, he started studying at Epitech Strasbourg but by the end of the first year he decided to quit and focus on launching his own company, Rainmaker, which became a worldwide reference in affiliate marketing.

More recently he graduated from Oxford University’s FinTech program to deepen his knowledge and skills in the sector. Since then he has acquired secure and innovative EMI operated by TPF.

He went even further by creating his own investment fund, La Royale Fintech investments, specialized in fintech to support the emergence of innovative projects.

Passionate about innovation and real estate, he also created a subsidiary dedicated to smart construction, JRB Estate. In addition, Joan invests in multiple startups related to AI.

"My ambition with La Royale Fintech Investments is to allow young entrepreneurs to benefit from the experience that my teams and I have accumulated over the last few years."